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In case you expect Claude to have a resumé full of top name restaurants from across the world, think again. He does not even have rubbish restaurant names in his resumé. To refer to Claude as the chef is like talking about your holiday and only describing the return journey home.

Claude is not a chef by profession. Strictly speaking, his profession is that of a music producer and sound engineer. He lectured acoustics and sound engineering at the Metropolitan University in London and then set up his own college, Alchemea in London and Milan. But that was a long time ago. Between then and now he has worked as a journalist for the BBC, Euronews, Discovery, History and many other channels across the world. He spent four years travelling across the world reporting on all matters from politics to business. After his Masters (he has an MBA from London) he worked in Mergers and Acquisitions where he specialised in media and technology. High Finance wasn't for him though and he claims that he started plotting his exit as soon as he sat in his office on the first day. It took him two years to pluck up the courage and quit his 5 to 9 (as he refers to his work then) and follow his dream and passion - food and wine.

The rest as they say, is history.

He set a vision for Palazzo Santa Rosa to create an ultimate gastronomic destination where people can experience the gifts from Mother Nature in a beautiful setting. The idea was never to have haute cuisine but haute ingredients. The plan is to convert the estate to organic and to source only organic products.

Robuchon, Ducasse, Roux, Blanc, White, Keller are all strong influences on his style and interpretation of the Maltese Cuisine.

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