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It is about the authentic and the pure; it is all about the wild and the untamed. This is the south after all. Here we live with passion; we squeeze every bit of excitement out of life and still yearn for more. It is not greed. It is lust for life.

The philosophy of the kitchen is based on the premise that there is little that one needs to do to enjoy nature's best. Keep human interference to a minimum and let nature show off what it can do.

Wherever possible we opt for the wild variety: wild thyme, wild asparagus, wild mushroom, wild rosemary, wild rucola, where every item is bursting with flavours that verge on the vulgar. This is nature's work. Man's efforts pale into insignificance in comparison.

Our work is based on freshest ingredients sourced via our local farmers, our own estate and a network of supporters who are as passionate about their produce as we are.

Nothing that is not natural enters our kitchen. We only use extra virgin olive oil to cook (sometimes our recipes require butter or sesame oil), even when we deep fry, we deep fry in EVOO.

We do not run an austere kitchen. We run an extravagant kitchen. Forgive us if you do not like it that way, but we celebrate every day that we live and when we celebrate we do not cut corners.

Our fish is mostly caught for us by our divers, our meat is sourced from the best suppliers across Europe, our spices are sourced directly by us from far flung countries with funny looking flags. We spend much more time sourcing our ingredients than cooking them.

Yet we still spend a lot of time cooking. We use sous vide methods of cooking meats that allow us to offer the tastier cuts without the associated disadvantages.

When we cannot get it locally, we source it from the four corners of the world. We get our organic bourbon vanilla pods from a co-operative in Madagascar, our saffron from Kashmir (used to be Iran, but the paperwork was a killer). We use Valrhona and Amedei chocolate, depending on the recipe we are creating. We get our own coffee from Turin - Café Vergnano, because we believe that this is the best coffee on the market. Our crème caramel takes more than two days to prepare; or soups take two days to assemble as does our pure Bronte Pistacchio ice cream. This is slowfood at its best.

We hot smoke, cold smoke, dry smoke and wet smoke. We cure, we preserve, we brine, we ferment, we seep, we distil, we churn, we reduce, we sun-dry, we bake. This is a kitchen that rarely sleeps, a kitchen that always has something going on in it. Even when there is no one around, the work is still going on.

Loyal to our heritage, we embrace the fusion that is the Maltese Cuisine. This is not Mediterranean Cuisine, this is Maltese Cuisine (and you can, though not necessary, say that loud in the style of an M&S advert). The Maltese Cuisine fuses the best of many regions, many cultures over many years. See, everything in Malta is very old. "Very" here equals thousands. To complicate matters more, we are smack in the middle between Northern Africa, the cradle of civilisation many moons ago and Southern Europe - home of the many rulers that Malta had over the past half a millennium. So thanks to the British, we value chips even though we interpret this in our own unique style. Thanks to the Italians pasta is a staple in our cuisine. Thanks to the Germans we produce some wonderful sausage. The Spanish gave us a regurgitated Arab cuisine with some refinements. The northern African influence is unmistakeable and it is this that makes the Maltese Cuisine so rich.

Our mission is to recreate our cuisine for the 21st century. This is not our goal. This is our journey.

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