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Every month Palazzo Santa Rosa organises gastronomic and oenological events. These events are organised as part of our commitment towards the Slowfood Movement. We promote biodiversity and a culture of food and wine.

Fight Club

Fighting has never been so much fun. We will supply you with all the equipment. No blood is shed and no injuries occur. There is no pain involved either.

The fight is between wines and between teams.

Every month we organise a blind tasting of various wines. You can organise your own team or join one of the groups on the night. The scope of the Fight Club is to exercise our taste buds and improve our knowledge of wine.

Experts are always at hand to guide, though do not let this put you off. The word "expert" is used loosely; very loosely. If they don't spit, they're not experts; and they don't so they're not.

Sometimes we get some supporting fights between olive oils or other food items from different producers as well.

Last Tuesday Club

On the last Tuesday of every month a food and wine pairing dinner is organised to introduce new or little known wines and launch new culinary ideas. Usually five or more wines are selected to compliment each dish served.

Pre-booking is necessary. If you would like to receive notification of the menus and wines served, kindly email us with the request.

Cooking School

Palazzo Santa Rosa organises various culinary courses. Whether it is a one day team building exercise or a five day intensive course, the time spent in our kitchen is sure to be fun, entertaining and educational.

The approach is completely informal so there is no pressure to perform and there is no pressure to excel. The courses are meant to give you an insight into the extremely rich Maltese cuisine. You will be given handouts and recipes as well as the clothes required to work in the kitchen.

We recommend you bring with you your own kitchen knives. These will be sharpened and conditioned for you by us. You are also encouraged to bring any other utensils or equipment that you might like to use.

Five Day Course. Five days of pure gastronomic bliss. You will be procuring, preparing, cooking and savouring some of the signature dishes from the repertoire of Palazzo Santa Rosa.

You will be spending five days in the kitchen of Palazzo Santa Rosa with Chef Patron Claude Camilleri. Of course, you will be cooking, of course you will be baking, but you will be doing much more than this. These will be five days that will transform your approach towards the kitchen for the rest of your life.

First of all, you will be visiting some of the farmers and producers that supply the restaurant with their produce. Depending on the time of the year you will be picking herbs and vegetables from our estate.

The course is divided into the following topics:

The above topics will not be handled in any specific order but will be tackled over the five day period. For example, wine, desserts and the Maltese cuisine in general will be dealt with throughout the five days.

Each day we will tackle each of the other topics in details.

One Day Team Building Cooking Experience. Sometimes the heat of the kitchen is what is needed to bring your team together. Guests are divided into teams and they compete against each other to create a four course dinner over a period of a day.

This is the ultimate kitchen challenge that will let your guests show their mettle when it comes to kitchen pressure and team work. Starting from early in the morning and working right through to the evening, each team will work with the chef to prepare a four course dinner. Each team will be judged on presentation, taste and good team work.

The experience will be fraught with pitfalls and dangers, so each team is required to perform to the best of their competences to be successful. Each team of four people will be required to go through the rigours of achieving professional standard results in a professional kitchen.

After a brief introduction in the kitchen, explaining the equipment and the methodology means that each team will be able to work comfortably in the professional kitchen. The teams will be given the ingredients at the beginning of the day and they have to produce the dinner by the stipulated time.

The judges, will determine the best performer based on the criteria outlined above.

Some conditions may apply.

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